Bring back nature to your diet!

Admittedly, the market currently offers a number of milk alternatives, but none of them tick all the boxes. We are pleased to introduce you to Yammy!, a complete solution to the dairy alternative market that has a silky texture and rich nutritional profile unlike any currently available dairy alternative. Our product is made from energy-efficient root crops (we can’t quite yet say which ingredients, but our logo is a hint 😊), grown in environments that provide a food solution to local communities, and most importantly, it is entirely sustainable and not environmentally damaging like crops such as soy is with a much better nutritional profile than oat, bringing much more benefits to your health. On top of that, it’s absolutely yammy!



A fully plant based milk alternative developed from highly nutritious root-crops..

Grows in difficult conditions

Thanks to its efficient use of water and soil nutrients, and tolerance to drought, root crops are grown in areas with suboptimal soil and unpredictable rainfall.

Rich in nutrients

Root crops are a versatile plant with the roots very rich in carbohydrates, and the leaves containing a valuable source of protein.

Common staple globally

Root crops are a common food staple in many parts of the world, and can be found in many food products, and feed for livestock.

Meet our creators

Together these people had an idea, the motivation and desire to make a difference and have poured their hearts and souls into our sustainable alternative products


The challenge: to convince consumers to think differently about plant-based food. In addition to being our founder, Emerson is the founder and head chef at Oliveira Kitchen, a premium London-based vegetarian restaurant that has been successfully getting consumers to adopt a flexitarian diet. He is our visionary, our creator, and ensures our mission statement becomes a reality.  



Maggie comes from the world of insights, advising on the future of manufacturing and supply chains. Maggie thinks that today’s consumers are at a pivotal point when it comes to making food choices, being more information hungry and environmentally conscious than ever. To this end, she wants to help drive change by uncovering motivating consumer behaviours, but more importantly, developing solutions that not only educate consumers but also drive change in making more sustainable, ethical and nutritious food choices. 



Hailing from the life science industry, Kumar brings a mix of scientific knowledge, business acumen, and hustle to the group. Kumar helps pull the pieces together so customers can have access to products. For Kumar, creating sustainable supply chains that have a plethora of benefits to consumers, communities are so important today. 

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